The master account has an expert advisor that attaches to his trading platform. This continuously transfers data back and forth to the copier platform. When any change is made to the masters account, this change is then sent to each of the slave accounts. This is all done in a fraction of a second.

The slave accounts also have an expert advisor attached to their MetaTrader platform which recieves any new trades, or changes to an existing trade.

If your subscription expires while trades are open, the trades will automatically be closed. It is important that you make sure that your subscription remains active. Due to how Paypal operates, we have no control over the payments that you send to us, so please make sure you keep an eye on failed payments.
This simply means that the recurring payment profile that was setup in paypal has been cancelled either by yourselves or paypal. To put it simply, no more payments will be sent to us, and as such the subscription profile is no longer active. The account will remain active and working until the expiry date. At this point you will need to have a new account setup.
Retrieve allows you to push signals from account to account. It gives you the ability to move a signal from one account to another. You may wish to do this if you are purchasing an existing signal from someone, or you need to setup a new account.

Retrieve is also used for those users who purchased a signal direct with a 3rd party instead of purchasing it through the web portal.

The ONLY way to restart the EA is to close the chart it is attached to and reopen the chart and attach the EA back to the chart. Changing timeframes normally reinitializes most EA’s but due to how this EA works, this will NOT restart the EA and in some cases actually stop it functioning correctly.
Expert Advisors only cycle everytime there is a tick. Because this Expert Advisor requires to be constantly cycling, we force a loop in the Expert Advisor which means that even when you click Expert Advisors OFF in Metatrader, it will continue to run. To stop the EA, simply close the chart its attached too, or remove the EA from the chart.
The MetaTrader ID is the account ID. This is the ID that your broker has assigned your account. You can find this in 2 places, see the image below.


The EA is constantly in contact with the copier platform, so if you go to My Signals the heartbeat of each signal should not be in excess of a few seconds. If it exceeds a dangerous level of no contact, the copier platform will alert you in the form of a message and an email.
Yes! This is extremely important. If your metatrader platform is not open, you may miss trades opening, and more importantly miss trades closing. The copier platform will email you if it detects your EA has disconnected for an unusual period of time.
We have built the platform to be as resilient as possible. In most cases if the master account opens a trade, the slave trade should open that same trade within a fraction of a second. If for any reason this is missed, there are backup safety measures in place which check for open trades every minute. Obviously in some cases this would be no good. If for example you were following a scalping signal, then this may not be ideal so you can set how many seconds until the trade expires in your settings for each individual signal. The default settings should suffice. The same applies for closing of trades and in our eyes this is more important so we’ve got 3 different systems running to make sure that trades cannot be missed when closing.
It is important to remember that the system automatically adjusts your lot size depending on your account size. For example if the masters account was a $5000 account and he was trading lot sizes of 1. If you had an account size of $500 then your account size is effectively 10x smaller, so your lot size will be 10x smaller. So in this example when a trade is placed, your trade would be a 0.1.

The lot multiplier is just that, if you wanted to be trading half the size of the “standard lot” then you could put 0.5. This would mean that your 0.1 lot trade in the above example would become a 0.05. If you changed the multiplier to 2, your trade would become a 0.2 as it is twice the size. We recommend that you leave your lot multiplier at 1 as this will mean that you are running the same risk setting as the signal provider. If you have multiple signals, you may want to reduce it to less than 1 but we’ll the money management up to you

It is up to you to make sure you monitor your signals correctly and make sure that the EA stays connected at all times. If for any reason the EA starts to act incorrectly please inform a member of staff as soon as possible.
There is always a chance that the expert advisor might crash within metatrader. If this happens we have monitoring on every master and slave account and you will be informed by email and also a message will pop up in “Messages” at the top of the site. You also have the ability to see when the last “heartbeat” was from both the master and your own metatrader account. This can be viewed in “My Signals”
Open MetaTrader and open any currency pair that you wish. The software is not reliant on a specific currency pair so you can have it running on any that you wish. From the navigator drag and drop the SimpleTrader platform onto your chart and it will open a window like the image below. It is important that you have “Allow DLL Imports” and “Allow Live Trading” ticked. “Confirm DLL function calls” must be unticked.

Once you click OK, the EA will now authorise itself with the copier platform. You should see a “Authentifiation Successful” in the top left of the chart. If it is unsuccessful it will tell you the reason why in this same location.

Important: If the EA is unsuccessful at authentification, it stops itself from functioning any further. Even if you correct the problem you MUST restart the EA to retry authentification. It will NOT reauth itself!