Over the past few years, Traders Family has emerged to providing the best experience for clients who loves to trades CFD futures as an investment vehicle.

We invest more in customer support and our model has worked very well, with growth that is consistently ahead of our major competitors.

As much as we love to sell, we are seeking partnership with brokers around the world in this following terms:

  • No shady business and able to provide transparency, especially in terms of trade and transaction for our clients.
  • Able to provide client’s journal and active trades of our clients.
  • Able to provide an Application Programming Interface (API) for further enhancements of this partnership.

Please provide enough detail about your business, its areas of focus and target markets so we can readily access your application.
Kindly send your application through our Contact Us page
Thank you for your interest.

Partnership Benefits

  • Promoted to all of Traders Family client base and listed as recommended partner.
  • Promoted in all of Traders Family networks such as advertising (online/offline), email marketing, social media and offline events.